Recommendation Four:
Plan PD that is aligned with school and district goals, developed by and described in order term papers in open access, and promotes evaluation and follow-up.

Role Group Strategies:

Serve on school improvement teams. Advocate for professional development that is well-planned and aligned with school and district goals.  Insist that the results of professional development plans are evaluated.

A Handbook for School Leadership Teams
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools.  (2004).
This handbook, developed by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, is a valuable tool for any school attempting to evaluate and define the work of their leadership teams.  Sections cover guidelines for the operation of school leadership teams, roles and responsibilities of members of leadership teams (including parents), the process of developing a school improvement plan, and a checklist for tracking school improvement planning.

Design Your Professional Development Program:  Where to Start
Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
This tool provides a good starting point for planning high quality professional development.  It contains a comprehensive survey that helps schools and districts to identify areas of need and details many of the best practices in professional development.

Planning and conducting professional development that makes a difference:  A guide for school leaders. 
Southern Regional Education Board.  (2002)
This guide outlines a step-by-step approach to conceiving, creating, developing, implementing and evaluating school-level professional development opportunities.

Professional Development:  Learning From the Best
Hassel, E.  (n.d.). The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory.
This toolkit includes step-by-step directions and "action planner tools" for designing, implementing, evaluating, improving and sharing professional development. Detailed appendices describe the criteria for the US Department of Education's National Awards Program for Professional development, profiles of winning schools, and summaries of resources and research.

Reinventing Education Change Toolkit
IBM (2002).
This toolkit, provided free of charge to anyone working in K-12 education, is designed to help school and district leaders to guide the school reform process.  The toolkit can be used to diagnose an environment for change, collaborate with members of a school change team, read real-life vignettes from education colleagues, plan a change initiative, and connect with educators worldwide.

Professional Development: A Primer for Parents and Community Members
The Finance Project and the Public Education Network
This primer explains the basic concepts behind professional development for teachers, describes characteristics of high-quality programs, and outlines the role parents and community members can play in ensuring high-quality professional development.



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