Recommendation One:
Provide teachers access to resources (financial, time, opportunity, etc.) to identify and solve problems related to their classrooms in order to ensure they can help students learn.


Role Group Strategies

Provide schools and teachers with financial resource allocations to identify and solve classroom problems that limit students' ability to learn.


Sustaining School Improvement: Resource Allocation
Mid-continent Research for Education and Learning.  (2003).

This document outlines the key elements of school budgeting and resource allocation, offers strategies that school leadership teams can use to monitor and support responsible resource allocation within a building, provides a rubric for evaluating resource allocation, and shares a ‘success story’ from Huntington Elementary School in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Policymakers Build Bridges
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory
In 1998, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory implemented a program named “Calling the Roll:  Study Circles for Better Schools.”  This program was designed to engage policymakers and community members in meaningful conversations about issues related to school reform through the creation of community based study circles.  This issue of Insights, a SEDL newsletter, outlines the achievements and successes of this program, specifically detailing “what policymakers who participated in the study…had to say about this method of connecting with their constituents.”

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