School Level Data and Reports

North Carolina: Over 75,000 North Carolina educators responded to the 2006 teacher working conditions survey. Over 85 percent of schools reached the minimum 40 percent response rate and have valid school-level reports. Results from the 2004 North Carolina survey (State results, school reports and district level reports) are available online as well.

South Carolina: Over 15,000 educators 90 percent of South Carolina schools and all school districts responded to the state's 2004 teacher working conditions survey. Although individual school and district data is not available online, an analysis of the statewide results is available to the public.

Kansas: Approximately 22,000 teachers and administrators responded to the 2006 survey of teacher working conditions in Kansas. Teachers from virtually every district participated, and data is available for approximately 1,000 schools and over 200 districts. Preliminary findings are now available online for any school or district with at least a 40 percent completion rate and at least five total respondents. An aggregated state report based on every survey response from educators across Kansas has also been created.

Arizona: More than 70 percent of teachers and administrators in 19 districts completed the survey (approximately 5,200 educators). The results from individual districts or schools with at least a 50 percent completion rate and five or more total respondents are available online. The Arizona survey had the highest response rate of any working conditions pilot survey conducted to date. Plans are underway to expand the reach of the survey statewide in 2007.


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